About Us

Interior design and design for more than two decades

Contractart offers professionals related to the world of architecture, interior design and design, all the information and advice they may need to carry out their projects.

Contractart collaborates with the best firms with the aim of being able to offer the right furniture for each project, both for installation and for the home.

The human team of Contractart He has twenty years of experience linked to the world of contemporary furniture. Visit the links above to obtain more information about our company and our projects.


Quality, experience and satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is what day by day does that in contractart evolve and reinvent our methods of design that are always adapted to the needs of our projects, which are always defined by the use of the best materials and qualities, as well as the best ideas of our professionals.

That is why for contractart Customers are the greatest value bet, the true guarantee of the company and the greatest guarantee of continuity, and we thank them for the trust they have placed in us throughout our trajectory, a support that has allowed us to be a consolidated company with great future projection.